My name is Keltoum Reddani.

Many years ago, I engaged myself in a process of healing and personal development to help me cope better with the challenges life confronts us all with and find my inner peace.

This process put the practice of meditation, non-violent communication, yoga, massages, sophrology and emotional regulation on my path. Having experienced the wonderful effects of these methods on myself, I had the privilege of training with the TIPI association in Paris, taught by Luc Nicon, and in Marseille with the Institut Français de Sophrologie. I had many occasions to use these therapies to help my patients as a nurse.

To these methods, I add massages to directly work on the body and get an effect of deep relaxation, open a spiritual connection and work on the harmonisation of energies in the person receiving the massage.

My keen sense of ethics in care, associated with a natural capacity for empathy and respect for people’s natural rhythm allow me to create a strong and precious therapeutic bond with the people I am lucky to accompany.

I have a holistic and humanist vision of Health, both oriented in a trajectory of healing and prevention.

It is with great joy and humility that I welcome every person I have the privilege of accompanying on their path to self-discovery and love.


Keltoum Reddani
+41 78 718 92 05


Avenue de Denantou 23
1006 Lausanne


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